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Meet Denise


Hello! and thank you for your time in visiting my website!'     My name is Denise, I am the photographer and owner of Daisy Photography studios ( home studio ) here in  Mansfield, Ma which is south of Boston, with my husband and now four grown children and our precious yellow lab Casco.

I often get asked this question, how did you get started in photography?  We'll I started just like every other Mom who does photography, taking pictures of my four young children. My passion only grew stronger with each year. In time my goal was to pursue this dream of mine in photography, I knew in order to do this I needed to go back to school,  but my most important job at the time was taking care of my family. 

 My opportunity came when my oldest daughter and son went off to college and that's when I  decided to go back to school.  Four years later in‘2008’ after meeting all creativity, artistic and technical’s requirements needed I received my Certified Certificate in Professional Photography from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence R.I. With so much love and support, and encouragement from my family and friends ……DAISY PHOTOGRAPHY….was created. 

 My deepest warmest appreciation to my husband & children on those frustrating nights of studying.  'I love you more'.

My Style:  My photographic style is "TRADITIONAL PORTAITURE" when requested and LIFESTYLE / VISUAL STORYTELLING IMAGES.  Lifestyle photographs have been around for a while, but I think with this trend of shooting pictures their is always something new developing. Visual storytelling is another way of documentaion photographs that bring your portraits to life. 

 It's not just posing my subjects then click of a camera. So much more goes behind these appointments. It's all about creative art and a little imagination through the eye of the lense. Before my clients photo shoot appointments a "pre-session consult" is scheduled whether by phone, in my studio or email. This is where the beginning of my work of "VISUAL STORYTELLING begins." Questions I will ask

* What are they PASSIONATE ABOUT (animals, books etc.)

What are their FAVORITE THINGS (dolls, sports, music)

There favorites PLACES (beaches, parks, restaurants ) 

I just love my job!  Most of my LIFESTYLE/ VISUAL STORYTELLING photo shooting sessions are outdoors. I love shooting in natural light in a natural setting.  My home studio is also great for my clients. With my studio lighting,  children props, clothing and backdrops you can create a priceless image. New Parents, infants, babies are usually done in my studio.  Your photo session can also be taken in your home, or backyard. Family portrats, pets, and especially parents with infants and little ones . This makes it easier on Mom & Dad.  Natural light can be found anywhere in your home, familyroom, childrens bedroom windows, a doorway, hallway, even the smallest crack of light can create a beautiful image.  I will capture images that will showcase your strongest personalities, your interests, emotions and qualities even your relationships. 

* Visual Storytelling Images finds the inner beauty in everyone that brings it to life in a portrait. 

A child imagination takes on a life form of its own.  Some of my best work is capturing a child just being a child. Their emotions and expressions are priceless, pouting, sulking, their natual smiles and giggles, playing even engaging with other children. Images that freeze time.  My job as your Family Photographer is to create portraits that are a family treasure you'll cherish for years to come. .