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Custom Portraits

                      CUSTOM PORTRAITS


6 to 8 months is the perfect age to photograph babies! they are sitting up, pulling them selfs up on all fours, grabbing for those little toes and feet and just bursting of their own personality, I love this age, their doing something new every day.  This is their magical year.


The best portraits come from unexpected moments- I follow your child’s lead-thereby ensuring I capture their natural expressions, rather than pushing them to smile at the camera. Each child is unique and I do my best to capture the range of emotions that make them who they are, at that moment in time. Be it a giggle, a pout, a sneer or look of wonder. 

FAMILY & PET CUSTOM PORTRAITS, AND Extended / large groups:  

Time passes so quickly, and before you know it, your children are grown and for some of us, already out the door. You suddenly stop!  Shaking your head with memories of yesterday, wondering to yourself where has the time gone. This is what makes a family portrait meaningful. Each portrait session is focused on capturing the best personality of your family, your children,your loving pet or celebrating with a Multigenerational Family Portrait.  Whether you have reached a milestone in the lives of your loved one, a portrait is a perfect gift.   


Whether the event is a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, Engagment or a gift to Someone Special.  Couples Portraits are a beautiful way to celebrate your loving relationship and appreciate the love you share. Engagement photos are definitely very important, considering that these are often used to announce an approaching wedding. You will find at Daisy Photography. I will never rush my clients, I take my time to get acquainted with my couples as well as provide them with Portraits which mirror their special relationship and dedication to each other, by capturing your own personalities as a couple, your fun side, laughter and silliness you share with each other. Then we capture your romantic side up close with emotions...NEXT ~WHERE TO SHOOT:   Pick a romantic place- where you first met, on the beach at sunset, or a waterfall in the park, even a romantic ride on one of the Gondola’s in Providence, RI.  Next Boston's Back Bay, The Beautiful Public Garden or even Fenway Park, so many choices. That’s why couples are one of my favorites to photograph the ideas are endless. 



 As you’re family photographer - I will do my best to create and capture your love ones storytelling by capturing as many differant stories along with each images that time alows.

My goal! Delivering my clients the best images of there love ones precious images they love to share with family and friends. Timeless photos of love ones for a lifetime.


Look for a Photographer who just dosen't shoot images.

A photographer that has artisic & creativity skills, with imagination, editing skills and studio lighting skills indoor and outdoor lighting, is a professional Photographer! 


I am happy to travel to your home or favorite indoor or outdoor locations. I have several locations to pick from, any suggestions you might have are welcome. On my special shoots: Models & Seniors I offer special locations in the urban areas.  (Ask photographer for those special locations.)


Ask about our ‘gift certificates’ great for anyone having their upcoming anniversaries. Extra bonus for anyone celebrating their 25th, 35th or 50th one 8x10 & wallets free    call phone # 508-339-1129 

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